During a roof replacement inspection at the Atlanta State Farmers Market, areas with failure in the CMU block exterior wall, concrete columns, and a beam supporting the building’s roof were pointed out by a Project Manager from PSIGC. The PSIGC team led an investigation to assess the extent of the damage to the approximately 70-year-old structure, and it was discovered that the entire south exterior wall was past its life expectancy and rapidly deteriorating.

The Job Order Contracting Program (JOC) was utilized to design and safely and efficiently complete this emergency restoration. The project scope created by the PSIGC team, led by George Stefanou, involved the installation of the roof, supporting structure, shoring in the primary work area, restoration of a cracked concrete beam and columns using state-of-the-art material and techniques, reinforcement of the CMU wall, and securing the exterior brick veneer. The collaboration of Georgia’s Department of Agriculture and PSIGC through the use of Gordian’s JOC program made for a successful project.