Specializing in Full Design & Documentation Services

Design and Construction should work together. Collaboration and mutual success on projects are the way forward in the AECO Industry, and a major benefit in having an Architecture & Engineering Team on staff within PSIGC.

In-house architect and design team

We are one of the few construction companies in the region that has in-house architecture and engineering. So PSIGC provides a unique opportunity to design your project, maximize your savings, and simplify the design and construction process, all while creating beautiful, meaningful, and sustainable projects. Our architecture and engineering team works in the same building with our construction teams, streamlining communication and increasing collaboration. This increased collaboration allows the teams to work in tandem toward the same goal: creating a project that exceeds expectations!

A “Project-First” Mentality

Our architecture and engineering team is very experienced in all methods of project type and delivery. Within this deep design bench, hundreds of combined years of experience reside, ready to be utilized and implemented on your project. Our construction teams work with our architecture and engineering team to better the project. We have a “Project-First” way of thinking. This means we first consider what is best for the project, before all other considerations. If we are working with outside construction professionals or sub-consultants on projects, even in a design only basis, we work diligently to recreate the same in-house collaborative environment for the good of our clients and mutual success for the entire team.

Delivering “Turn-Key” Projects

With design in-house, PSIGC excels in Construction Management At-Risk and Design-Build project deliveries. Our teams specialize in “turn-key” projects, which involve the highest level of design and construction collaboration. Our goal is to help our clients obtain a high-performance building, which is a project that exceeds expectations. PSIGC is your single source of performance and responsibility from the design and conception phase all the way through construction and project delivery.

From project inception to final completion, the PSI architecture and engineering team works as your agent directly with other in-house or outside construction, estimating, sustainability, and management personnel to ensure your project is done right, on time, and on budget!

The Advantage of In-House Architects & Engineers

  • Programming and Planning capability infused with construction expertise.
  • Real-time access to design content by construction professionals, much earlier in the process.
  • Full design and documentation capability, including all architecture and engineering services.
  • Decades of experience administering construction.
  • Greater collaboration between design and construction.
  • Unbiased design experience at our clients’ disposal for building assessments, contract administration, and field investigation.
  • Unparalleled expertise in Building Information Modeling (BIM), including 4D and 5D scheduling.
  • Lean thinking towards design and construction.
  • With our expertise in BIM, namely our experience managing clash and interference detection, the construction project will have reduced potential for change orders.
  • You’ll experience a collaborative effort, rather than an adversarial relationship between architect, engineer, and builder.

Working as One Unit

By collocating design and construction ability under one roof, the function of an architect, engineer, and construction manager take on the form of a single entity, PSIGC’s architecture and engineering services provide an integrated approach that is focused on the specific needs of your project.

PSIGC provides team leadership and a “personal ownership” type of responsibility. The team assigned to your project will be experts in the type of facility you’re designing. We place a senior-level executive in an active role to manage the overall effort.

Our staff of professionals includes experts in:

  • Programming and Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Project Scheduling and Cost Control
  • Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documentation
  • CAD and BIM
  • Graphic Renderings and Presentation Drawings
  • COBie Compliance and BIM for Facilities Management
  • Bidding and Negotiation Assistance
  • Construction Administration
  • Close Out Oversight
  • Sustainability and LEED Certification
  • Building Assessments and Reporting
  • MEP Coordination and Commissioning

This expertise covers all aspects of architecture and engineering, offering you a unique platform to save time and money.


Due to our General Contracting Divisions’ continued growth and expanding client base, Place Services Inc. (PSI) is excited to announce a newly created standalone General Contracting Retail Department. In addition, after a successful year of leading our Continuous Improvement efforts, Tyler Smith is being promoted to the Director of Retail Construction. In this new role, Tyler will lead the department and oversee all aspects of the construction activities, and be a collaborative partner with the Retail Business Development and Pre-Construction Teams.

Place Services Inc. (PSI) is committed to our employee’s career development, while continuing to improve our internal processes. As a result, we recently created a PSI Project Management Training Program. Our first phase of this program was performed in December 2021 to train our Project Managers in our Trades, General Contracting and Federal Divisions. This training program provides our Project Managers with a standard approach and several new tools to lead projects with new processes and skills that improve quality and work efficiencies. Our ultimate goal in these trainings classes is to ensure our Project Managers are given the best possible tools to ensure we exceed our client’s expectations efficiently. These courses are taught by a combo of PSI executives from our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and outside industry experts. This program also utilized several valued clients to engage with some of the course’s question and answer sessions, where they shared their perspective on different elements of a great project manager. PSI plans to roll out the second and third phases of our Project Management Training Program within the first half of 2022. 

Our Architecture and Engineering Division, led by Matthew Cash, has a history of teaming with state and local governments and agencies. Place Services Inc. (PSI) believes in building our communities through thoughtful design and construction. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back and build for our company’s home, the State of Georgia. Working with the Georgia State Financing & Investment Commission (GSFIC), the Georgia Department of Driver Services and the Whitfield County Government, PSI recently finished the design documents for the DDS-15 New Customer Service Center in Dalton, Georgia. Pictured is the groundbreaking to begin the construction of the new DDS facility. The facility is officially under construction, and will serve Whitfield County with basic skills, motorcycle, and commercial driver’s license services and testing. This building will replace their existing building and be located on Wagner Drive in Dalton, GA. The facility is a little over 8,000sf and will include a queuing area, multiple teller stations, testing area, driver course testing canopy, and a large administration area. The goal is to have the new DDS building construction completed by the beginning of 2022. Look out for the ribbon cutting in January of 2022!

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