We are thrilled to announce this expansion of PSI’s product offerings and the launch of our new Real Estate Division. This division is headed by Dennis McMaster, who previously managed multiple properties in the Atlanta area. This strategic step aims to diversify our portfolio and open up another avenue for growth and profitability.

The company plans to acquire properties ready for transformation, focusing on those with the potential for value addition through renovation, updates, and if needed, a change in management. Our vision extends to revitalizing these spaces, aiming for a significant improvement in performance within 3 to 5 years post-acquisition.

PSI purchased a smaller multi-family property last year, has a larger property currently under contract, and is actively pursuing other opportunities.

Looking ahead, the Company has a planned Phase 2 with the development of multifamily and mixed-use projects from the ground up, designed to meet the needs of underserved communities by providing safe, clean, and affordable housing.