We have been blessed to work on many large remodel projects in 2021 across the country. To ensure our Superintendents and Project Managers are trained and aligned with client expectations and PSI’s standard processes, we commissioned our General Contracting (GC) Grocery-Retail Project Training Trailer at our office headquarters in Canton, Georgia. Typically, Superintendents spend two work days in training in the training trailer with a Senior Project Manager. PSI believes that a safe and successful project starts with a solid controlled access plan, and the ability to track and update the competent resources onsite. Within the training trailer, Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) and Compliance Management are explained in detail. Our Superintendents learn all facets of schedule management such as phasing plans, project construction schedules, 2-week look ahead schedules, specifications/plans, and LOTO panel sequencing. The highly visible trailer set-up provides easy identification of when activities are on track or need support. PSI is continuously striving to improve to consistently exceed customer expectations, train PSI employees and deliver the highest quality to our clients.